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It is time you recognized the good in you. It is dying!

The good in you needs just a little push, a nudge, a pat on the back to run over the evil in you. All these years, you may have seen the evil in you winning over the fainthearted goodness in you, the latter getting subjugated each time you had empowered the former.

Each time you walk past a poor, rugged child sitting outside a café begging for something to keep him alive, probably because he hasn’t had enough since days, and shove him off, you’re killing the good in you. You may have had the urge of feeding him with a sandwich or a burger, but then you either didn’t have time, nor the energy to go back to the café to buy it for him. This is when you let the evil in you raze down your goodness.

Each time you wanted to apologize for a wrong that you did with someone, it is the goodness that is trying to peep out but over the years, you have nurtured the evil in you enough for it to push that urge back to where it belonged, the inside of you.

Each time you saw an old man finding it hard to walk, struggling to carry the heaviest grocery bag, and did not feel the need to help him cross the road; you killed the goodness in you.

Each time you wanted to offer your seat to that old woman standing in front of you and didn’t do it because you had just sat after standing for hours in the train, you muscled your goodness down.

Each time you wanted to feed a dying pup with milk or a slice of bread and didn’t do it because it was stray, you let the goodness in you down

So, congratulate yourself the next time:

· You smile at a stranger who looks sad and worn out either physically or emotionally, or both.

· Say something encouraging to a parent who's struggling with a differently abled kid in a restaurant.

· Pass along a compliment to your office staff who came dressed up for a festival.

· Buy a bike to your domestic help’s child who had been waiting for their birthday to get that as a gift.

· Visit an orphanage or old age home on your birthday.

And each time you do an act of kindness, you’re keeping the goodness in you alive; you’re nurturing it, so it doesn’t die a slow death!

May the good win over the evil. Happy Dussehra!

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