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MAGIC is real, as much as you believe it!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

God and Magic are similar. You stop believing in them and they cease to exist.

I am God’s favorite! I like to believe it every single day and rightly so. Every now and then, I do find myself in situations that spell pure magic, and this belief becomes even stronger. More often than not, it is God’s perpetual way of saying, “I exist”. He keeps himself creating situations that are a perfect harbinger to magic in our lives; the more we believe it, the more frequently it appears.

This is no fiction, or imaginary situations. It is my life over the years that I am so proud of. I thought of penning them down, one at a time, so you have more reasons to believe in the MAGIC!

I was in Wroclaw, Poland, travelling for work and I had booked myself a cab to drop me to the airport. My flight to Warsaw, another city in Poland was at 3 pm Polish time and the driver dropped me to the airport at 12 noon. I was happy I had enough time for all the immigration formalities. I had two king-sized suitcases, a back-pack and a hand bag to carry. As I walked towards the airport, what struck me was a strange, unnerving quietness around the airport. It was afternoon, so I thought, probably it was due to less flights during this time of the day or perhaps I was dropped at the back gate of the airport. I ignored and walked closer to the main gate, there was no security personnel. This was strange, and I realized that there was something amiss. I panicked. I turned around and there was absolutely no one around. I checked my ticket again and it did proudly say, ‘departure time: 2:55 pm’. Where the hell I was?

I tried calling the driver, but he didn’t answer to the three calls I made to him, back-to-back. I ran with one suit case each in my hand, the hand bag and the back-pack on my shoulder. It was, indeed deserted with no one within as much as 1 km in radius, and hence, no one to help. By now, I had precisely, 2.5 hours left and here I was stranded at an airport, unseen, abandoned, secluded, which I didn’t even know, was probably, a few hours away from the airport I had to catch my flight from. There was a bus stop close by. I stood there for a while with the hope that I would see a bus that I could take or at least ask the bus-driver if he could help.

Just when I had thought I had given up and lost all hope, Boom! there was Magic!

From nowhere, I saw an SUV making its way on the road, which was distant, but visible. I started taking faster steps towards the car and it stopped. Waving at the car for help could have been risky, for I was on a foreign land, in a forbidden area with inhabitants who had limited knowledge of English language. I don’t even want to talk about the other fears I had in the back of my mind. It stopped. Beleaguered, I asked for help. There were two gentlemen and a lady in the car. The one behind the wheel came out to ask what the issue was. I was shocked to know that I was, in fact, dropped at an non-operational airport, in the outskirts of the city, and was almost 30 mins away from the main airport of the city. He suggested that they dropped me to the airport; I agreed. Did I have an alternate option, anyway? No, and hence I agreed. I was absolutely naïve and didn’t know if I was being led to the actual destination, but I held my belief in the Magic that had me clutching hopes the moment I had seen the car.

I reached the Wroclaw Airport precisely 1.5 hours before the departure time.

That day, it re-affirmed my belief that good people still existed and there was always an undying hope that the Universe attracts magic only if you believe in one.

If it wasn’t for the Magic and my undeterred belief in it, I would have never found it.

Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.” -Terry Pratchett, Mort

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