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Jul 15, 2021
In Stories
Back in 2011, I didn’t really believe in existence of connections one can have with God and His larger Universe, before my sister introduced me to Him and since then there has been no looking back. Back then, my life was all shattered but then with his association, everything started falling in place after that which was magical. Magic 1: 2012 At work, I was given an option to head a branch which was not positioned so well in terms of its location and no one wanted to opt for it. Trusting Him, I not only accepted the offer but branch did exceptionally well which was beyond imagination of the seniors. I could feel His presence every day every moment . Of course , By His grace I was rated Key Performer in the group. Magic 2: 2016 We decided to move overseas and filed for immigration. unbelievably the whole process went through so smoothly and exceptionally fast for us. Meanwhile I conceived and family starting contemplating if we should postpone the plan of moving abroad as things would be difficult to manage in the new country. But We left everything to Him and decided to move as per His will. Things kept moving , everything went in our favour and we came to Australia in Jan 2018(my 7th month) and I had my delivery in March. Magic 3: While I was in India only and getting my regular check-ups done, one of the ultrasound reports surprised us. It said that the baby had some spinal issues and I should rethink on carrying the baby. We discussed this back to back with numerous doctors and ultrasound specialists but all had their own opinions. A few said it was all perfect and others advised us to take further more tests. The fear was if the further tests came out positive we will have to take the harsh step. My husband and I had always felt that this baby was God's Blessing and nothing could go wrong with him. We decided to carry the baby and believe me I started noticing Shiva's Trident (Trishula) on my baby bump (above the naval) which became more and more prominent as my pregnancy grew. Who and what can go against His plans, everything went well. Magic 4: 2020 :COVID-19: We are three sisters and my parents are all by themselves in a small town. My dad was caught with common flu followed by my mom catching the same from him. They took viral medicine as prescribed by family doctor as they had no COVID symptoms. But fever would not go so we insisted them to get themselves checked for COVID. The same was later suggested by the doctor as well because by then 2-3 days had passed. Their reports came out positive and the rush was to take them out of the town else local authorities would forcibly take them to the government hospital there which, we never wanted. It was Sunday and none of the of the offices work but looked like God was at work making all impossible things happen. Beds were arranged in Delhi hospital and they were given permission to leave the town with the condition to get admitted in Delhi hospital for treatment. There was some force that was pushing them out of town. On the way to Delhi they met with a horrible accident and people who saw the ambulance tumbling in the air did not believe the people sitting in that car survived. But God was with them protecting them at every stage. He just cupped them in His hands and made further arrangements possible to get them to the Hospital. They reached Delhi and got proper treatment well in time and since that day He has been blessing them at every stage. By His grace they are safe and fine now. We have no words to thank Him, and we feel so Blessed and lucky to have him in our lives. I am sure each one of us has witnessed magic like these in our lives. All that we need to do is just acknowledge it a little more.
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