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Feb 28, 2021
In Stories
Magic is real.. it definitely is! I have grown up listening to all magic stories, thanks to Dad who believes in God and his eternal presence. Of all the stories, there is one that has made a lasting impact on me and my life. By the way, these are all God's magic stories. This was during India-Pak war when all households were advised to stay indoors with no sign of habitancy. That simply means you have to maintain total darkness throughout the night This was done to fool the enemies, hovering over the cities. One morning after such a night, our neighbors came over to check if we had any guests last night as they saw an one old man with white beard walking down our terrace the whole night. My dad was too young to comprehend all what happened around him. He was curious to know what that meant and who was that old man. The entire family discussed this within themselves and came to a conclusion that it was God who was protecting the family in those difficult times. When Dad told me about this incident, I was awestruck and kept thinking about it for days, probably years. This is now is engraved in my mind and soul in a way that whenever I fear things going south, my subconscious belief that there is God somewhere, assures me that HE will safeguard me from everything.
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