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A Diary Page of the Sunshine

I penetrate through the clouds, because the world awaits me. I know my struggle is real when I pierce through thousands of water droplets before I finally touch the earth. The touchdown isn’t easy because in the process, I disappoint the Sun that won’t let me go. I depart with the promise to him that I’ll be back soon. I touch the earth and bring smiles to a million faces.

I am a hope to the people who have lost themselves in the darkness they had never thought they would ever be in. I am an inspiration to the world for I have shattered the cage of gloomy and dark, perpetually elusive vapors around me. To the families that braved the cold on the streets last night, I brought happiness to their lives. I sprinkled the emotions of life in those flowers dying at the window sill, waiting for me. I fell through cracks of the broken ceilings and lit up the face of that old woman lying on a cot in her humid little room. I cheered up the face of that old farmer grieving for his loss of crops due to heavy rains the whole night. When I crawled in the front yard of that corner house, I met the glinting eyes of that little baby playing in the crib and we exchanged smiles. I shook a leg with that little butterfly hiding in the tall trees I found gaps in, to fall through.

To the world I say, “LOOK UP! I am right there. Let’s share a smile for a moment while I am here. Because I’ll be gone to the Sun that waits for me. I had promised to be back and I will, with the hope I’ll be back on the earth I love- the next day.”

I am sunshine. I am life!

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