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Thank you 2022, Godspeed 2023!

Dear 2022,

You were difficult, yet exemplary!

You were an exquisite blend of experiences, most of which were reality checks- of the people around me and more importantly, of myself.

I have lost the count of the number of times I doubted myself, because each time I settled down, you appeared with another uphill challenge that took me down to the rock-bottom, where I would wobble around, try balancing myself in the high tides, move up and snorkel, breathing through heavy splashes of water. What I learnt from experiences like these is that you’ll always clutch at a straw when you’re drowning and then decide the next steps to swim through. So, yes, I did have doubts about myself, but I realized that given the circumstances and the underlying situation, the uncertainties around, what I did was the best I could do, so I didn't drown.

Dear 2022, You were kind, because even when you didn’t give me the Moon, you made me land among the stars.

You were honest, because however good I did for myself, you still gave me moments when I felt miserable.

You were a mentor, because I never felt more prepared for head-ons, ever before.

You were my ally, because you gave me enough reasons to celebrate and whine at the same time.

You were Yin to my Yang, because there was never a time, I didn't feel whole.

Having said that, I also feel that it would take a paragon of virtue not to feel vicious about you. But as they say, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer', I held you close through the year. I am sure you would know, that was my way of saying, 'Try with all your might, I'm all set!'

As you decide to move on, let me not be wary of saying, 'God! 2022, you were literally something!'

I won't have cared enough to thank you, had you gone unnoticed. But now that you haven’t, I thank you for all that you gave me, people and moments I proudly call MINE!

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