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My Pact with the Universe

Each one of us has had their own share of highs and lows. I am no different. In the sine wave of my life, my lows have been way deeper than the length of my highs. But my experience with this monster has taught me many a lessons, and one of them is my pact with the Universe.

Well, I am sure you have your eyes all rolled-up to think what it could be. Let me put an excerpt of this deal.

Dear Charul,

The basic terms and conditions of fulfillment of your life are as set out below:

  1. That each moment you spend on thinking about future, it gets deducted from the total moments you’re destined to live.

  2. That each day you spend in wanting to be alive in the moment, you add a day to the life you are left with.

  3. That each life you touch by doing small things for them, it gets added to your happy inventory.

  4. That each time you own my power, you add more power to your life.

  5. That each day when you see the sunrise, you add more sunrises to my life.

  6. And that each time you lift your spirits to rise beyond what you can, you actually outdo yourself.

In the event of the above conditions being breached, the pact stands nullified.


The Office of the Heavens

This pact makes me take cognizance of the fact that we need to ‘live’ the present to its fullest, caring a damn about what happens in future.

Whether we choose to be in the rut of stress or be a walking pinata of joy and playfulness, is a deliberate decision all of us need to take. What are you choosing today?

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