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There is always room for a bloom in your living room!

Not literally though, but the fact remains that no matter how bored you get of the monotony, how tired you feel about your routine, you can always accommodate a full bloom to cheer you up in the gloom. A small flower that has everything to do with beauty, pleasure, the invigorating fragrance and love alike, has a power extraordinaire, to lift your spirits in your lowest lows and heal you with its sight.

Flowers are therapeutic, and so are little things in life. Try giving a flower to a distressed child sitting on the roads who didn’t score well enough in his exam or a grieving mother whose child just broke their leg. The flower may not fix things up for them, but for a moment, just for a moment, you will make them smile. And this smile may be momentary, but isn’t life full of such fleeting moments…of happiness and sorrow?

While you’re running from pillar to post, living your accelerated life, once, just once, stop and smell the roses. Take a pause; take time out of your busy schedule to appreciate the beauty of life. Slow down, lift your eyes, see good in the little things around you, albeit being surrounded by everything negative around.

While you feel the analogy might just be right, surprise yourself with how similar you could be to that pretty red flower in your backyard, under the clear blue sky. You are, indeed.

Right from being sowed, to germinating to blooming, then being on its own, then wilting and eventually dying and crumbling, representing fragility and the swift passage of life and death. But while it is alive, it endorses the dirt on its roots, and turns out to be the most beautiful thing under the Sun.

Aren’t we like them, well…pretty much?

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1 Comment

Azmat Khan
Azmat Khan
Oct 02, 2022

Nice @Charul Dhingra it took a while coming, however, the wait was worth it. 😊

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