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Yet another candle on my cake!

As I celebrated my birthday, I had to constantly keep reminding myself that this year’s birthday deserved to be celebrated more than it ever was.

The fact that I lost two of my most loved ones in the last few months had only screamed the fragility of life and that each breath needed to be endeared because you never know which would be your last. Also, the fact that I came out alive from Covid was an admonition enough that I had to start savoring more of this amazing gift of life.

I always counted heavily on my birthdays, evaluating myself year on year on what I had achieved through these years. From how much I had earned to what I was doing in my life so people remembered me when I was gone. What I didn’t know back then was that in this whole process, I forgot to celebrate the life that went by and welcome the one that was knocking.

They say, birthdays are constant reminders of the years that go by. I would rather say, Birthdays are constant reminders that you have yet another reason to be thankful for yet another year to live!

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