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Surbhi Agarwal
Apr 17, 2021
In Stories
A girl was born to world's best parents on 13th December 1989 in a small town of India and today 31 years down the line she is a successful professional and a happy human being not because she was born lucky, but because she was born in a family of MAGIC. Her parents wanted to get her admitted to the best school in the town and had high hopes of getting that done because they already had their elder daughter studying in that missionary school for past 3 years. While dealing with the vicissitudes of life, they missed the deadline of filling the admission form not because they didn't care enough but because the rules and timelines of filling the admission forms had changed since they got their first daughter admitted to that school and the young couple wasn't aware of the same. Their daughter was denied admission and all they had were sad faces and a lost hope while exiting the school premises! It was this moment when the Universe decided to make them smile and they were greeted with a rickshaw puller outside the school gate who asked the reason of their sadness. When they shared the news of the denial of admission with him, he said with an unshakeable confidence 'Your daughter will get the admission in this school; I will talk to my Boss, the CMO of this town, he might just help us'. And that fellow spoke to the CMO who was the third angel in this story, the first one being the parents, the second one the rickshaw puller. The CMO went to the school himself (sometimes a seat is reserved for such people's kids who choose to serve the government of our country) and filled the admission form for their daughter, also paid the admission form fees which was INR 100 at that time and the little girl got the admission. The parents felt the luckiest on earth in that moment, they could not payback for the favor they had received except with gratitude, but ofcourse they had to offer the admission form amount to the official. And when they did, the answer they got was "Why would you offer me this money? Is she not my daughter?" The girl in this story is penning down her thoughts right now and considers herself the chosen one!!! "I grew up listening to the stories of God's blessings from my parents and started experiencing that magic in my own life at a very early age. I call myself God's favorite child and can feel the connection with the Universe in each and every moment. Hence, my whole life is a story of magic... I have a 1000 such stories to share, but this is my favorite one; a life changing one for my parents and me... This story about my life has been told to me by my parents time and again and makes my belief stronger that the Universe has my back no matter what!
Magic... miraculously existent! content media
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Surbhi Agarwal

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