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P.S. I am Happiness Away!

Yes. Why is happiness always a post script for most of us? Do we take important decisions in life keeping our own happiness in mind, or it is always an after-thought? For a moment, let us keep aside, all Facebooks and Instagrams and Twitters and what as per them is the definition of ‘real happiness’. Let’s ask ourselves, when was the last time our happiness was a constant and not a variable that changed with the situations we were thrown in. Your state of well-being is often a manifestation of your thoughts more than your action. So, we need to ‘think’ happy before we ‘take action’ to be happy.

But do we think about what we think?

How many of us wake up with an affirmation, “I will be happy today”? I am sure not too many.

Life often throws us lemons, we just got to slice it into halves and savor the lemonade. And the lemonade isn’t always sweet!

You are not happy because everything is good, you are in a happy state when you see good in everything. So, the next time, you find yourself in a deep situation, you got to pull back your focus on making yourself happy first before anything else. Whether it is playing with a pet, or buying food for street children, gulping a spoonful of your favorite ice-cream, or shaking a leg on your favorite track or just looking yourself into the mirror, do what it takes to do just that. Because that will be the epitome of sheer fulfillment of your inner self.

Before thinking what the naysayers would think, you ought to feel proud of yourself because darn, by being happy, you have negated the toxicity they brought with them.

Nothing attracts than law of attraction. So, obviously, the more time you invest in thinking negative situations, the more you attract negative people, negative emotions and the magnitude of negativity

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